cucciguinnessIn the early 2000’s I accidentally started my career in banking.  But once I got in, I was hooked.

I had the opportunity to work as a consumer/residential lender and in management before finally landing in commercial lending where I’ve been working…at this point…for most of my banking career.

While I was having all that fun I also started and sold a small music production business, ran an indie record label, started a digital music distribution company, put on a bunch of live music events around town, and even played in/toured with a band for a little while.  I love music and along with my wife, I attend lots of concerts every year.  I am also a big craft beer fan and enjoy homebrewing.

I enjoy banking because I like to help people — clients as well as colleagues.  I also love learning how different people and different businesses make money.

In all the different books, websites, and videos that I come across regarding prospecting and sales, I never find anything that really relates to what we do as lenders.  I hope that the information I share here will help many of you out there to develop successful strategies to grow in your career.

Enjoy the site, connect with me on LinkedIn and be sure that whatever you’re doing you are always having fun.


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